Personalized Professional Development

Personalized Professional Development GearPrimary Objective: Provide Opportunities for educators and leaders to deepen their Future Ready knowledge.

Focus Areas:
~ Identify and partner with business, community, professional and parent associations, and regional education associations to support Future Ready efforts.
~ Engage with higher education institutions to create a K – 16 vision for future readiness to support workforse-readiness efforts.


The Future Ready Nebraska Council has developed several goals to guide the work of this gear in Nebraska. These goals are listed below and will be further developed in the Nebraska Digital Learning and Ed. Tech. plan which is currently under development.

  1. Teachers will have access to online resources to assist in providing quality instruction to students through use of an online repository of content containing videos, articles and Professional Development opportunities.
  2.  A systematic coordinated approach to professional learning priorities will be developed to support professional learning efforts and initiatives in the state.
  3. Utilize Future Ready resources to support professional learning, planning and prioritizing at school districts including the following targeted staff, Librarians, Ed Tech Leaders, Principals and other School leaders.