Community Partnerships

Future Ready Community Partnerships GearPrimary Objective: Establish a Future Ready coalition of interested and invested organizations and parties.

Focus Areas:
 ~ Identify and partner with business, community, professional and parent accociations and regional education associations to support Future Ready efforts.

     ~ Engage with higher education institutions to create a K – 16 vision for future readiness to support workforce-readiness efforts.


The Future Ready Nebraska Council has developed several goals to guide the work of this gear in Nebraska. These goals are listed below and will be further developed in the Nebraska Digital Learning and Ed. Tech. Plan which is currently under development.

  1. Develop a presentation to be used at professional conferences, webinars, and local planning events which will assist school administrative teams in getting started.  Each committee member will present locally and at least one conference or webinar.
  2. Develop a template and specific guidelines to assist schools in forming a local community partnership committee with an initial mandate to identify local existing partnerships and define areas of need for future partnerships based on the goals of the Future Ready Nebraska Council, AQuESTT, and current School Improvement Process efforts.
  3. Create a process for identifying and describing examples of existing successful school-community partnerships across the state, to be used as a resource for such local committees.
  4. Develop an easily accessible “clearinghouse” of such resources which is searchable and includes categories, descriptions, and contact information.
  5. Support creation of robust partnerships with our student, parent, business, and city communities to advance our vision of developing future-ready students.