Budget & Resources

Future Ready Budget Gear

Primary Objective: Identify opportunities to reduce costs for technology procurement.

Focus areas:
~ Integrate technology funding across grant and budget opportunities to establish sustainable models for technology procurement and replacement
     ~ Hire and train State Education Agency staff with appropriate education technology skills across all offices and functional areas
~ Establish purchasing consortia or other opportunities to help districts to take advantage of procurement at scale
~ Support E-rate reimbursement


The Future Ready Nebraska Council has developed several goals to guide the work of this gear in Nebraska. These goals are listed below and will be futher developed in the  Nebraska Digital Learning and Ed. Tech. plan which is currently under development.

  1. Develop a system to identify and prioritize what needs to be funded, why it should be funded and looks at possible funding options.
  2. Provide the budget and resources necessary to ensure students have access support, and integration necessary to personalize learning and develop future- ready skills through the use of digital tools.
  3. Create a needs based system that ensures efficient, effective, equitable investment and implementation of digital tools and resources for all districts across the state.
  4. Investigate “Learning Return on Investment” through research and provide examples/case studies from successful digital learning programs that clearly illustrate how technology enables personalized learning and the development of 21st Century skills.
  5. Provide guidance for the development of sustainable technology plans.