Message from the Commissioner

Nebraska is committed to providing personalized digital learning opportunities for student success in learning, earning and living. In support of the State Board of Education’s Strategic Vision and Direction plan and goals, the Nebraska Department of Education is pleased to release the first ever statewide Future Ready Nebraska Digital Learning and Educational Technology Plan. Created through a broad collaboration of education, technology, and librarian leaders from across the state the plan sets forth a set of shared priorities and action approaches to build on the strong foundation in Nebraska.

In Nebraska, leadership is provided at all parts and levels of the system. Identifying priorities, aligning existing efforts, and clarifying roles were assisted by using the Future Ready Framework. The opportunity to use the framework creates a consistent understanding for identifying work to be done in key areas that include:  Budget and Resources; Community Partnerships; Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment; Data & Privacy; Personalized Professional Learning; Robust Infrastructure; and Use of Space and Time.  These areas of focus are only effectively connected through empowered and innovative leadership within our state.

Ensuring equitable access for all students to experience learning that is applied, engaged, and personalized is part of the priority. Effectively and appropriately using the resources to prepare for success in postsecondary education, career and civic life is the other. Today’s graduates must be critical thinkers, able to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and use creativity to solve real problems.  By educating every child — ensuring they are college and career and civic ready — we move Nebraska forward.

Students today are living in a different world of learning and our educators are continually searching for innovative opportunities to provide students. Schools are adopting new standards for secure learning environments that personalize learning and increasing access to digital devices, content, and learning structures.  Working with our community partners and school districts to ensure all students have access to digital learning is an essential part of our Nebraska plan to serve every student in an equitable way across the state.

Meeting the needs of today’s students requires innovation in creating student learning experiences, including adopting appropriate technology solutions that build on sound instructional practices — meaningfully engage our students. Accomplishing the goals outlined in the Future Ready Nebraska Digital Learning and Educational Technology Plan demands that collectively we work together as part of the system to share the best and promising practices in creating digital learning opportunities.

I would like thank the Future Ready Nebraska Council members for their outstanding work in collaboratively creating this plan that supports the State Board’s vision and direction. Now it is time to move forward these goals and action steps for Nebraska in support of every student, every day.


Matthew L. Blomstedt, Ph.D.

Commissioner of Education

Updated June 21, 2018 1:22pm