Interim and Formative Assessment Supports

In an effort to create a balanced assessment system the Nebraska Department of Education is making available interim and formative supports for districts.

Interim Assessment Supports

Interim Assessments are administered at different intervals throughout the year, between instruction to help educators better understand student learning needs and determine growth toward learning goals.  The assessments are adaptive.  The Nebraska Department of Education has made an optional interim growth assessment—MAP Growth—provided by NDE available to districts at no cost to use with other interim assessments of their choice. MAP Growth is testing for grades 3-8. MAP Growth allows students, parents, and educators to identify learning needs, track growth toward proficiency levels, and, starting in 2019, to predict performance on the NSCAS Summative assessment.

For more information on MAP Growth, please click on the link below.


Map Growth

Fall Test Window

Aug 15 – Nov 30, 2019

Winter Test Window

Dec 1 – Feb 28, 2020

Spring Test Window

Mar 1 – Jun 15, 2020

Summer Test Window

No Dates

MAP Growth Test Windows Available Fall 2019

Formative Assessment Supports

Formative assessments checks for student understanding during instruction. Given as needed, daily in the classroom throughout the year to help teachers address student learning needs in-the-moment.  These are educator created tests and the test can be created through TestWiz on the NWEA portal.

For more information on formative assessment supports and access to TestWiz, please click on the link below.




For more information on Interim and Formative Supports contact NWEA Customer Service.

NWEA Customer Service
Phone: 855-225-9936

Certica TestWiz
Phone: 877-456-8949

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