Title IV-A , Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE)

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Dottie Heusman | 402-219-4802 | dottie.heusman@nebraska.gov

About the Title IV, Part A LEA Needs Assessment Tool

A needs assessment, in conjunction with stakeholder engagement, can help LEAs think strategically about the programs offered to their students. This Tool is structured to encourage LEAs to think first about the desired outcomes, then work backwards to identify the programs that will best serve those outcomes. Additionally, Title IV, Part A State Coordinators (State Coordinators) are required to ensure that LEAs receiving an award of $30,000 or greater conduct a comprehensive needs assessment that informs the selection of the proposed activities in their application. The Title IV, Part A statute requires that the needs assessment be completed once every three years.

The U.S. Department of Education (Department) has developed this comprehensive LEA needs assessment tool (Tool), which SEAs can share with LEAs. State Coordinators may opt to adopt the Tool for their use, offer the Tool as an option for LEAs, or offer an alternative tool or resource.

Within this Tool, LEAs can enter district- and school-level outcome data (i.e., for selected schools  identified by the LEA for Title IV, Part A funding).

The Tool includes outcome-focused indicators. Collecting and analyzing outcome data during a needs assessment can help LEAs identify where their schools are facing challenges and stay focused on those outcomes as they implement their Title IV, Part A program.

These indicators were chosen based on Title IV, Part A requirements, as well as the anticipated availability of data since many of the requested data points are used as part of federal and state reporting.

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