Educational Service Units, Rule 84

Educational Service Units act primarily as service agencies in providing core services and services identified and requested by member school districts. Accreditation is earned by complying with all provisions of Rule 84: Rules and Regulations for the Accreditation of Educational Service Units. This rule is intended to support educational service units in effectively and efficiently supporting school systems in this state and to establish the minimum level of performance for accreditation of the Nebraska education service units.

Educational Service Units have consistently demonstrated a commitment to improve the level of leadership and service that they provide to Nebraska’s schools. Additionally, one of the continuing requirements of Rule 84 is that each ESU is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its programs and services at least once in every five-year period using models approved by the Department and as scheduled by the Unit. A model is presented as a framework to assist Educational Service Units as they work to meet this requirement and as they develop a plan for the evaluation and improvement for all unit programs and services.

Updated June 29, 2022 3:34pm