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Data Literacy Workbook for On-Site Volunteers (February 2022) 

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This toolkit supports external teams who conduct site visits for the NDE accreditation process. Team members will use the toolkit when preparing for visits to guide expectations and when conducting site visits to increase the effectiveness of their contributions. Members of host schools may also use this toolkit for information on what the visiting teams expect from the process and what information to provide.

District Continuous Improvement: Review of Literature and Practice (August 2021) 

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This report summarizes both literature on CI and details on the practice of using CI within K12 settings. In particular, this report is designed to support decision-making and planning around the Nebraska Department of Education’s (NDE) framework for district-level CI and the accompanying guidance and resources to support district use and implementation. Whenever possible, this report highlights practical examples and insights from the perspective of State Departments of Education.

Infographic for Continuous Improvement (October 2021)

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The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) is in the process of updating and refining its Continuous

Improvement Process and Procedures in accordance with Section 009 of NAC 92 Chapter 10 (2015).

This infographic provides an overview of Continuous Improvement (CI) along with important background context on how CI can be used to achieve higher levels of accountability within schools.

Continuous Improvement is a fundamental part of accreditation regulations in Nebraska and woven into each tenet of the AQuESTT model. NDE will work to ensure a greater and intentional focus on the key components of CI shown to be most important and relevant for K12 schools.

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