Approval, Rule 14

Private and parochial (nonpublic) school systems may operate as approved schools by complying with the provisions of Rule 14: Regulations and Procedures for the Legal Operation of Approved Nonpublic Schools. This set of requirements establishes minimum standards for the operation of nonpublic schools and supports the missions and goals of nonpublic education in Nebraska while insuring a level of quality and equality of educational opportunity.

A governing body seeking approval or seeking to add grades to a previously approved school shall make application on the “Application for Conditional Approval to Open a New Nonpublic School” form. The completed application form must be received by the Department no later than May 1 prior to the start of the school year. Applicants seeking approval must meet the requirements in Rule 14.


Checklist for Reviewing Rule 14 (Approved) Nonpublic Schools:


Schools applying to move from approved Rule 14 to accredited Rule 10 notify NDE of their intent by July 1, follow the applicable Documentation Report checklist, and submit documentation to NDE by November 1: (View a description and more information)



Updated September 8, 2022 9:46am