Reports and Forms

Assurance Statements

Assurance Statements are due to NDE on November 1
Additional Information on Assurance Statements

Checklists for Reviewing Rule 10 (Accredited) Schools:

Checklist for Reviewing Rule 14 (Approved) Nonpublic Schools:

Special Curriculum Forms

Special forms for nonpublic schools are filed, if necessary, when reporting curriculum through NSSRS
Additional Information on Special Curriculum Forms

School Closure Due to Uncontrollable Circumstances

If schools are unable to meet the 450/400/1032/1080 instructional hours, the following affidavit may be filed 10 days after the end of the school year


Additional Information on Application for Approval of a new Nonpublic or Interim Program School

Schools applying to move from approved Rule 14 to accredited Rule 10 notify NDE of their intent by July 1, follow the applicable Documentation Report checklist, and submit documentation to NDE by November 1:

Additional Information on Schools moving from Approved Under Rule 14 to Accredited Under Rule 10

Other Forms

Additional Information on the High School District Superintendent Report and Submission of a Waiver of Rule 10

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