Action Planning

The 2022-23 materials for Nebraska Continuous Improvement are a culmination of 2+ years of collaboration with the NeMTSS network of leaders. Prior to 2022-23 the continuous improvement process (formerly NE Framework) and NeMTSS were viewed by Nebraska schools as separate processes. Since 2019, collaboration between Accreditation and NeMTSS have focused on identifying similarities between the NE Framework and NeMTSS models. These specific efforts to combine the 2012 Nebraska Framework model and the NeMTSS problem solving model for Continuous Improvement is known as coherence work. NeMTSS Home Page.

Continuous Improvement: Any school or instructional improvement process that unfolds progressively, that does not have a fixed or predetermined endpoint, and that is sustained over extended periods of time. The concept also encompasses the general belief that improvement is not something that starts and stops but requires an organizational or professional commitment to an ongoing process of learning, self-reflection, adaptation, and growth. (Glossary of Education Reform, 2013.)

Continuous Improvement Plan: A continuous improvement plan is a set of activities designed to bring gradual, ongoing improvement to products, services, or processes through constant review, measurement, and action. (Reh, 2019.)

A combined CIP Template: NDE/NeMTSS is now available for Nebraska school systems to capture all continuous improvement efforts including space for data analysis, action planning, and professional development. The CIP Template is structured to meet all regulatory requirements for Section 009 – Continuous Improvement as set forth in NAC 92 Chapter 10 – Regulations and Procedures for the Accreditation of Schools.


Guided practice and professional learning will take place at ESU’s across the state throughout the Fall of 2023
ESU / CIP Work Days. Stakeholders may view the 2023 Workday Slides Here.

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