Accreditation, Rule 10

All public school systems are required by state statute to be accredited.  Accreditation is a designation earned by complying with all provisions of Rule 10: Regulations and Procedures for the Accreditation of Schools.  These regulations and procedures are intended to establish equality of educational opportunity for all students in public elementary and secondary schools.

Accredited school systems are also considered to be approved for legal operation for purposes of state law.  Approved private or parochial schools are eligible to apply for and maintain accreditation under the provisions of Rule 10.

Accreditation is granted for one school year from each July 1 through the following June 30. Renewal is based upon the school system’s compliance with Rule 10 during the prior school year.  Failure to comply with mandatory requirements for legal operation in Section 003 of Rule 10 may cause a school system to lose its accreditation during the school year.


Checklists for Reviewing Rule 10 (Accredited) Schools:


Biennial Courses Form (NDE 08-023)


Cooperative Arrangements Course Form (NDE 08-021)

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