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Raising the Bar: Nebraska World Language Standards Workshop Series

The Revised Nebraska World Language Standards offer a greater emphasis on language production, global perspectives, and ownership in language learning. The NDE World Language Education Specialist offers an opportunity to talk about the revised world language standards and their potential impact to districts, to develop standards-based activities, and to collaborate with peers. Expect a fast-paced day with practical ideas, rich discussions, and a wealth of resources.

Making Languages Our Business: World Language in Nebraska

For US employers the demand for foreign language skills is greater than ever before. Whether it is in the boardroom, in the field, with customers and partners, or on social media companies today are increasingly more likely to conduct business in a language other than English. Consequently, a command in multiple languages is a valuable asset for Nebraska students and employees—not only in boosting their marketability in the workplace, bus in helping them thrive in a global economy. (Presented February 14, 2020 at Engaging Educators Conference)

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