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World Language Week

World Language Week will be celebrated April 1, 2018-April 7, 2018. The theme of World Language Week is “The Power of Languages To Be College, Career, and Civic Ready”.

Distinguished Scholar Award

The World Language Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes Nebraska high school students for their leadership in language learning, commitment to language study, appreciation for cultural diversity, and communicative competence.

High schools in Nebraska may nominate one student per language offered in the building or one student per level (I/II, III/IV, V/AP/IB/Native Speakers) if there is one language offered in the building. Nominations must be made by the student’s teacher using the online form at

Nominations are due February 23. Nominated students will be asked to complete a portfolio and to submit it with their information forms. The selection committee will choose three students per ESU for recognition. World Language Distinguished Scholars will be announced the week of April 1, 2018.