NDE World Language TechSnack

TechSnack is a joint effort of the NDE World Language, Omaha Public Schools, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. TechSnack offers bite-sized technology tips for teachers in and outside of Nebraska.  The NDE World Language started “TechSnack” by putting together the “technology of the month” from the NDE WL Newsletters. Omaha Public Schools joined NDE World Language by sharing the resources and encouraging teachers to contribute to the shared resources. The TechEdge team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will be the next co-sponsor of TechSnack. NDE World Language invites teachers to participate and share ideas in TechSnack. If you are interested in contributing to TechSnack, please contact Dr. Chrystal Liu (chrystal.liu@nebraska.gov).

End-of-the-Semester Review Ideas
Choice Board
Quizlet Refresh
Flipgrid Became Flip
Rubric Tools
Pixton Comic & Story Builder
Lyric Training
Updated February 10, 2023 1:41pm