State Substitute Permit

A State Substitute Teaching Permit can be used to teach in all endorsement areas in all Nebraska schools. Someone who holds a state substitute permit may be employed to teach on a non-contractual basis (cannot be the teacher of record). Once issued, a state substitute permit expires August 31st in the fifth year following the year of issuance.

The requirements for a State Substitute Teaching Permit include the following:

  1. An application and fee in the TEACH system  (Please note that registration for TEACH is required before an application can be submitted.)
  2. Fingerprints (Only required if someone has lived outside of Nebraska in the past five years.)
  3. Official Transcript(s)
  4. Institutional Verification – This form is used to show that a educator preparation program was completed and is sent electronically to Nebraska colleges and universities.
  5. Educator Certificate – A certificate is only required for those who have not been certified in Nebraska.
  6. Human Relations Training

More information on how to send supporting documents can be found in the FAQ section of this website.

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Updated February 4, 2022 2:10pm