State Board of Education Position Statements

Position Statements¬†are aligned and reside with the Board’s legislative and regulatory priorities. Position Statements are advisory in nature to let the public and educators know where the Board stands on a topic, concern, or educational issue. Position Statements may be used to share the vision or beliefs of the Board, offer explanations or justifications, or make recommendations for a course of action to schools, educators, and/or Department of Education staff. The Board may adopt or revise Position Statements at any time, on its own motion or upon recommendation by the Commissioner. Position Statements shall expire four years after their adoption, revision, or reaffirmation, unless revised, reaffirmed, or rescinded by the Board prior to expiration. The Commissioner may direct legal counsel to review all Board position statements annually for compliance with state law.

The State Board of Education’s Position Statements can be found here:

Updated December 22, 2022 2:19pm