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Policy Reference Manual

The Nebraska State Board of Education Policy Reference Manual is a collection of three different types of documents:  Policies, Bylaws and Position Statements.

Each page is identified at the top of the page by type of policy in the following manner:

P          Internal Policy Directives.  This is a set of clear directives that define how the State Board intends the Department to operate and conducts its actions and/or business and how the State Board itself may be involved in such matters.

B          Bylaws.  A Board bylaw is an internal rule or practice as to the State Board’s own operations and meetings.

S          Position Statements.  A position statement lets the public and educators know where the Nebraska State Board of Education stands on a topic, concern, or an educational area.

The State Board of Education has authority to adopt policies and bylaws governing its own Board meetings and the internal operations of the Department and are binding upon the Board, Commissioner, and Department staff until changed by the Board.

The State Board of Education may also issue general position statements regarding educational issues in Nebraska.  These general statements are purely advisory, since they are not state rules or regulations.

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