The State Board of Education shall:

  1. Be the policy-forming, planning, and evaluative body for the state school program
  2. Deliberate and take action with the professional advice and counsel of the Commissioner
  3. Assure provision of student personnel services by schools
  4. Appoint and fix compensation of the Commissioner
  5. Remove the Commissioner from office if necessary
  6. Appoint and fix compensation of all professional employees upon recommendation of the Commissioner
  7. Organize the State Department of Education
  8. Through the Commissioner:
    • Provide supervision and consultation to schools
    • Issue materials
    • Establish rules and regulations which govern standards and procedures
    • Institute a statewide system of testing if determined to be advisable
    • Publish laws, rules, and regulations
    • Approve teacher education programs
  9. Adopt rules and regulations for Educational Service Units
  10. Prepare and distribute reports
  11. Consult with professional educators and lay leaders
  12. Conduct studies and investigations
  13. Submit to the Governor and Legislature a budget necessary to finance the state school program and the Department of Education
  14. Interpret its own policies
  15. Regulate school transportation
  16. Accept devises of real property and donations
  17. Approve programs for handicapped children
  18. Approve Veterans Education programs
  19. Administer federally established education programs
  20. Coordinate educational activities that pertain to elementary and secondary education
  21. Receive and distribute federal funds and commodities
  22. Publish directories and other documents
  23. Rent or lease office space
  24. Act as the State Board of Vocational Education
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The Commissioner shall:

  1. Organize institutes and conferences
  2. Visit schools
  3. Prescribe forms for reports and regulations
  4. Maintain an office in Lincoln
  5. Maintain records subject to examination
  6. Keep the Board fully informed and advised
  7. Prepare a budget
  8. Voucher the expenses
  9. Promote efficiency, welfare, and improvement of the school system
  10. Promote educational improvement by:
    • Preparing curriculum
    • Providing supervision and consultation
    • Holding conferences
    • Conducting research and evaluation
    • Assisting in the development of Effective Education
  11. Decide disputed points of school law
  12. Issue teachers’ certificates
  13. Attend all Board meetings or designate a representative
  14. Serve as administrative head of the State Department of Education
  15. Delegate administrative and supervisory functions
  16. Maintain a system of personnel administration
  17. Prescribe administrative rules and regulations
  18. Perform duties prescribed by the Legislature
  19. Serve as executive officer of the State Board of Education and administrative head of the State Department of Education
  20. Provide educational leadership
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