Legislative Priorities

The State Department of Education provided for in Article VII, Section 2, of the Constitution of Nebraska, shall have the general supervision and administration of the school system of this state and of such other activities as the Legislature may direct.  The State Board of Education, acting as a unit, shall be the policy-forming, planning, and evaluative body for the state school program under Section 79-301.

Per State Board Bylaw B2: Board Committees, “The Legislative Committee shall be given the specific responsibility of reviewing legislative proposals and making recommendations to the Board for possible action.  The Committee shall also be charged with advising the Commissioner on legislative matters at times when the Board is unable to meet or when emergency issues arise.” (See State Board Bylaw B2)

While the State Board of Education is not obligated to take positions on legislative proposals before the Nebraska Legislature, the Board may choose to formally oppose or support bills that fall within the scope of the statewide education system.  Formal opposition or support of a bill provides direction to the Commissioner of Education for the purpose of engaging with the Nebraska Legislature in hearings and other aspects of the legislative process.  When the Board does not take a position on a given bill, the Board’s position is neutral.

The Legislative Committee of the Board makes recommendations to the full Board for potential action on opposition or support of bills, typically in a work session in January of each year.

Two documents are found on this page:

  1. Legislative and Regulatory Priorities adopted by the State Board
  2. State Board Bills 2022


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