Canvas Support and Training Resources

For technical support

As part of the Canvas statewide contract each district and its staff has access to Tier 1 – 24/7/365 support. To access this assistance you need to click on the Help icon within Canvas. Then choose Report a Problem from the list. Users can connect by live chat, phone or email at anytime. For more information about this support, see this page. For any issues that you have with your Canvas LMS you should always start by using the Help area within Canvas. See highlighted area in image below.

Screen shot of Canvas Help menu

For online training

Canvas provides many online training options. To find the training portal users need to go to the Help menu first then choose the training portal option. The image below show the training portal link.

Once you open the portal there will be 3 options. Staff can use the Learning library to access self guided training modules at anytime. Staff can sign-up for live, instructor lead webinars using the training calendar throughout the first year of their Canvas contract. My Learning will keep track of training you have completed, training that was started but is not yet complete and any training that has been signed up for but has not been started yet. Below is some recommended training to help get everyone started.

Canvas online training recommendations

Teacher Training  and resources

To ensure that teachers are successful with Canvas and understand how to use its many powerful features will require time. Ideally, this training should happen before the school year starts so teachers are ready with a course on the first day of class.  Schools have found success in using the Canvas Success Model as well as providing teachers time during professional developments and the ability to continue training throughout the school year that includes additional topics and more advanced features.  There are a variety of ways you can conduct training and provide resources, but here are some places to start:

  • Have teachers complete the learning series called First Day Ready which is located in the Training Services Portal within Canvas or the course called Growing with Canvas located in the Commons (more info on these below)
  • Introduce teachers to the Canvas Community. The Canvas Community is packed full of guides, resources, and discussions that they can search.  Teachers can even pose questions to the Community or interact with fellow Canvas users across the globe in user groups.
  • Show your teachers how they can reach out to our Canvas Support team directly by phone, live chat, or email so they are using the Faculty Tier 1 support 24/7/365.  For information on the terms of your support package, see this page.
  • Provide teachers that are new to Canvas with a course template that are designed to be a “fill in the blank” for course content that is user-friendly. They save teachers time by making building a well-designed course on Canvas quick and easy.
  • Have teacher use these checklists (make a copy) as they build their Canvas courses:

Canvas Admin Resources

There are also many training resources that can be used by your new Canvas administrator(s). Just like with teachers, it will take time for new administrators to become proficient in the set-up and continued support of the Canvas LMS. Below are some resources that Canvas administrators will find useful as they begin to work with the new LMS.

  • The Be the Hero: Canvas Admin Training Course is a great resource for Canvas admins to start with.  It can be located in the Commons and will walk you through most of what you need to know about using Canvas at your institution.
  • The Canvas Success Checklist and the Canvas Admin Checklist are comprehensive checklists to help you get the most out of your Canvas subscription.
  • The Canvas Admin User Group in the Canvas Community is an excellent group to join and will link you to a variety of resources available to you that are specific to your role. This is also a great place to go to ask fellow admins questions or search posts to see how other institutes are using Canvas to meet their unique needs.
Updated April 18, 2022 8:30am