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Starting in June of 2020, the NDE is excited to announce Canvas is going to be available through a statewide initiative to all Nebraska Public and Non-Public schools and districts. Canvas is a Learning Management System, or LMS. It is a collaborative platform used to manage online learning—including reporting, resource-sharing, grading, feedback, discussions, content creation, outcomes and tasks. An LMS simplifies teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools teachers use in one easy place. For more information about LMS’s in general check out this PDF “Why a Learning Management System is Useful

As we move forward with the consortium’s work, other information about the fall implementation such as timelines, staff training and onboarding will be shared here. So check back to this page regularly for more information. For those who plan to participate, please hold off on contacting your ESU’s or others regarding training. Once we know how many schools are participating we will put a training plan into place and be in contact with all participating districts or schools.

For those participating in 2020 – 2021 school year fall implementation!

All districts/schools that indicated they wished to participate or renew their Canvas contract should have received an email on June 30 with information regarding implementation or confirming they were included in the renewal. If you received that email and think you received it in error please contact, Dorann Avey via email at right away.

In addition, districts or schools that are new to Canvas MUST fill out the Google Form sent by Canvas in a separate email. The Google form will ask many technical questions so it is advised that you also include your technology staff when completing the Google Form. Here is a link to a video that goes through the form so you can see the questions before you begin:

Canvas Video

We ask that new districts fill this form out very soon so we can get everyone started in the implementation process soon. There will be 2 cohorts of districts/schools completing this process so the sooner we have the information gathered the sooner districts/school can get started.

Training plans are also currently being developed and will be shared very soon.

Still thinking about joining Nebraska’s Canvas Consortium?

Districts and schools that wish to participate in Nebraska’s Canvas Consortium will be given another opportunity to sign up for the Canvas Consortium at a later date with implementation planned for later in the 2020 -2021 school year. In addition, those districts or schools that are currently under another LMS or Canvas contract or want to wait until year 2 or year 3 of the initiative can join in June of 2021 or June of 2022 at the same low price.

To help in answering questions a district or school may have about Nebraska’s Canvas Consortium, please refer to this FAQ’s Document. For other questions contact, Dorann Avey via email at

Updated June 30, 2020 4:35pm