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Future Ready District Technology Profile 2022 – 2023. (Updated)

The Future Ready District Technology profile will run second semester again this school year. The collection will open for ALL public schools and districts in the portal on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, and will close on Friday,  April 14, 2023.  A PDF version of the 2022-2023 Future Ready District Technology Profile will be linked on this webpage on February 1, 2022. This will give districts a chance to review and begin to seek out the necessary data before entering their data into the portal. In addition, an updated FAQ document to answer common questions a district may have on completing the profile will also be shared by February 1, 2023.

NOTE: The School District Superintendent needs to ensure the profile is completed. The profile information is best completed by a district team who has the information related to each of the sections or questions. This team could include: District and Building Technology staff, District Curriculum personnel, Principals or Teacher Leaders, Instructional Leaders, and Professional Development personnel. It is suggested that the team complete the PDF version first then enter the data into the profile on the portal. Data must be entered in order of the profile and cannot be skipped.

Data collected from the profile will be shared back out to school districts through the Nebraska Education Profile (NEP) website in the summer of 2023. Districts will be able to print a copy of their completed profile immediately after their final submission within the portal for their own records. In addition, the data will be shared through a newly developed data visualization tool that is under development (postponed last year due to COVID needs) and will be released after this year’s collection has been completed with an anticipated release in the late Summer of 2023. More information on this tool will be shared after the collection is completed.

If you need a copy of your 2021-2022 Technology Profile data from last year contact Dorann Avey via email at dorann.avey@nebraska.gov or feel free to download a copy from the “About Us” section of your districts NEP webpage.

NOTE FOR ESU’S – The ESU’s will not complete a district technology profile. If an ESU would like to see an ESU reports of their member schools’ data, they should request a copy from their ESU Administrator.

PUBLIC DISTRICTS –  PDF of 2022 – 2023 Future Ready District Technology

NON-PUBLIC Schools do not need to complete the District Technology Profile.

FAQ’s document (also in the portal)

Portal directions (also in the portal)



Updated April 18, 2023 10:47am