Workshop III

Level Up – Resources for Youth Workers
The training and professional development of youth-centered professionals is crucial to providing safe, inclusive spaces for youth to thrive and develop meaningful relationships with adults. In this session, learn about how Katie B Temple has created onboarding programs and resources for Programming Staff and gain an understanding of the resources available to develop yourself and/or your team.
Katie B. Temple
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How to Make A Zine
Level Up Zine

Standard Response Protocolo (SRP) – Crisis Response
This interactive session will explain why everyone (even afterschool programs) should know how to prevent, prepare, RESPOND, and recovery from any of the 125 Threats, Hazards, or Incidents (THI) that may affect you, your students, your school, and your community. Most of the content in this session will give you the tools in RESPONDING to these THI. Most of our schools in Nebraska use the Standard Response Protocol….do you know the responses?
Scott Stemper

Sustaining High Quality ELO Programs
This hands-on workshop will provide practical ideas on how to secure the funding needed to grow and sustain ELO programs. Learn how to present your case to key audiences – school administrators, school boards, parents, community partners and outside funders. Learn how you can take part in a series of sustainability related activities that will continue throughout the 2023-24 year.
Jeff Cole & Connie Duncan

Math Can Be Fun: Ideas to Engage Kids & Families
Math is all around us, from telling time to driving the speed limit to counting out snacks at snack time! This session will provide you with ideas and hands-on experiences for integrating math in a fun way for your afterschool program. You will also learn how to implement a fun family math night that all families will enjoy. Get ready-made plans to take back to your site and use right away!
Dayna Krannawitter

Explore Nature Anywhere
To a child, a single tree can be a forest and a single flower can be a prairie. Even in the urban heart of Omaha, every school provides opportunities for outdoor experiences that promote physical and cognitive development and social-emotional growth. Participants in this session will learn the benefits of nature-based outdoor time, explore easy-to-lead activities, and discover resources available through Keep Omaha Beautiful.
Hannah Rennard-Ganley

Reducing Youth Use of Commercial Tobacco Products
Participants will learn how to help youth resist peer pressure and media influences to try tobacco products including e-cigarettes. This will include an overview of CATCH My Breath, an evidence-based youth nicotine vaping prevention curriculum that has been based on scientific literature due to the rise in e-cigarette use by pre-teens and teens. The presentation will outline opportunities for youth engagement in the area of tobacco prevention.
Ranae Aspen
Mini-Grant flyer

Developing Engineering Mindset in Youth
Help! Someone needs a water rescue. Can you engineer a rescue shuttle to reach them? After investigating how shuttle variables affect flight distance, you’ll imagine, plan, create, and test a solution. As you do, you’ll reflect on the engineering practices you are using and how to support these practices and engineering mindset with youth. Finally, you’ll learn about a suite of free engineering resources designed for afterschool programs.
Christine Cunningham

How Can Language Justice Impact Our Community
Join us for an interactive session on understanding the barriers our non-English students and caregivers face and what we can do as a school community to support them. When we create a space where people can be seen, heard, and valued for their skills and talents, we create community connections that impact the learning, earning, and living of our Nebraska people. Learn what you can do to include their voices in your school.
Mariana Schell & Mariella Resendiz Alvarado

DnD & SEL: Imaginative Play in Social Situations
Role-playing games (RPGs), like Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) can be used to help students explore and learn diverse social situations. In RPGs, students need to discuss and explore how
choices affect their characters and what the consequences of actions may be. We’ll discuss the basics of role-playing games, how to support student growth with them, and do some hands-on gaming ourselves. Are you game?
Brian Welch

Self-Regulation Strategies and the Brain Body Connection
Struggling with kids following directions? Struggling with kids who get angry or upset easily? Come learn about self-regulation and strategies that you can teach kids on a daily basis to help them stay calm and be ready for fun and learning. Learn how these strategies are a part of the brain-body connection. Be ready to do some hands-on activities and have fun!
Kymberly Caddell

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