Workshop I

Connecting & Supporting High School CLCs
This session will discuss collaboration efforts between Lincoln and Crete CLCs, will identify assets and challenges unique to high school CLCs, and provide opportunities for high school program coordinators to connect and collaborate together.
Kate Sydik, Kristi Chambers & Joel Bramhall

Fit and Healthy Kids Discover and Design
Are you looking for inspiring activities to do with young children? Discover and Design is a newly developed program that contains age-appropriate, engaging lessons. Discover and Design’s onepage lessons have everything you need to introduce the activity, the corresponding materials, and step-by-step directions with pictures. Discover and Design is a part of the Fit and Healthy Kids which is an established muti-state program.
Jackie Steffen, LaDonna Werth, Lisa Poppe & Sarah Roberts

School Neighborhood Advisory Committees
A School Neighborhood Advisory Committee (SNAC) aims to work alongside youth, parents, neighborhood residents, and professional partners to utilize the assets and strengths of the community school in both urban and rural settings. This workshop will explore grassroots initiatives to equalize decision-making.
Ron Kellogg III & Emily Trauernicht
Foundational Assets, Community Assets
School Neighborhood Advisory Committee (SNAC) Best Practice
Gifts of the Head, Hands, Heart, & Hopes for the Future

Family Literacy & Full Service Community Schools: A Reciprocal Collaboration
Participants will discover some of the ways an Full Service Community Schools (FSCS) coordinator can partner with a Family Literacy program to the benefit of both. This will include an
interactive opportunity to explore the community agencies and resources needed to build a collaborative partnership.
Leesa Kraeger & Hannah Van Horn

Making the Most of Team Meetings
Are you tired of meetings that could be an email? Are your staff disengaged during your meetings? Team Meetings are an essential way to deepen understanding, build community, and increase confidence in Out-of-School Time teams. If your team meetings feel less than productive, attend this session to learn how to make meetings more meaningful and engaging by utilizing best practices in out-of-school time programming.
Shari Kimble

Let’s Get Growing!
Have a grow tower, a green house, or garden? Discover a newly released out-of-school resource designed to explore food innovation and scalability by growing plants using STEM concepts. Hear from the development experts as well as current users to explore out of the box ideas ranging from lesson planning resources to engaging high school volunteers as program leaders.
Brooke Tempel & Megan Crawford

Creating Joy and Connection through Read Alouds
Who doesn’t love story time? Intentional and engaging read alouds can be an excellent tool to engage with our students and families. Come learn more about culturally responsive literature and how to best support your multilingual learners. We will also share literacy resources and ideas to build community partnerships in your community.
Laura Cady & Katie Christiansen

The Power of Youth Voice! Tool Resources
Learn how to effectively elevate youth voice in your program with a youth leadership team, increase youth voice in sharing their experiences and perspectives with peers, staff, and the community. We will review best practices for youth leadership and tools to help youth share their perspectives, increase agency, and school connectedness.
Jessie Coffey
1. Relationships matter, five elements of developmental relationships
2. Youth Engagement Activities – Search Institute
40 Developmental Assets, all ages
40 Developmental Assets, spanish
Key guide Relationships First
Youth Advisory Councils-Structure

Developing A Team That R.O.C.K.S
Seeking high quality individuals is like mining for rare gems. It takes hard work, patience, and a persistent attitude. To find that rich seem of colorful stones, you will have to chip through dirt and rock. During this interactive, engaging session, participants will explore the steps necessary to build and team that R.O.C.K.S.
LaRon Henderson & Nik Stevenson

Building Relationships through Mentoring
This session will explore ways in which after-school program staff can create mentor-rich environments wherein every young person has adults in their lives who appreciate them, honor their identity, and care for their success. Quality mentoring and the intentional creation of mentor-rich environments has proven to nurture understanding and ignite self-discovery, inspiring young people to pursue their passions.
Christopher McCroy

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