Love Boat

Thematic Unit Title:  

Love Boat

Subject: Vacations
Goals: 1. Communicate in Languages Other than English
2. Gain knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures
3. Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information
Standards: 1.1 Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
1.2 Students understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics.
1.3 Students convey information, concepts, and ideas to listeners and readers for a variety of purposes.
2.1 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the perspectives and practices of cultures studied and use this knowledge to interact effectively in cultural contexts.
2.2 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the perspectives and products/contributions of the cultures studied.
3.1 Students reinforce and further knowledge of other disciplines through foreign languages.
Contexts\Outcomes: Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between the perspectives and practices of cultures studied and use this knowledge to interact effectively when visiting target city locations.
Progress Indicators Goal 1:
Progress Indicators Goal 2:  

1.1A Express basic needs.
1.1B Express basic courtesies.
1.1F Respond to one-on-one interactions.
1.1G Ask and answer simple questions.
1.1H Make and respond to simple requests.
1.2A Respond appropriately to directions, instructions, and commands.
1.2D Respond to speech of peers and familiar adults on a given topic.
1.3C Write a personal communication; such as, a note, letter, or invitation.
1.3E Present prepared material to an audience.
2.1C Identify some commonly-held generalizations about the culture studied.
2.1D Identify social and geographic factors that affect cultural practices.
2.1E Identify common words, phrases, and idioms that reflect the culture.
2.2E Recognize the contributions of the target culture.
2.2F Identify the products of the target country/countries.

Progress Indicators Goal 3:  

3.1A Identify and apply, within a familiar context, information and skills common to the foreign language classroom and other disciplines.

Progress Indicators Goal 4:
Progress Indicators Goal 5:
Essential Skills\Knowledge:  

Topic specific vocabulary
Present tense verbs
Knowledge of cultural practices
Geographic locations
Currency exchange
Safety factors
Product of target country
Climate and clothing

Assessments: Quizzes:
Geographic locations of cities
Written Project:
Students keep a journal meeting rubric criteria.
Oral Presentation:
Student groups create a flea market in the target culture meeting rubric criteria, which should include products available, food, and music.
Final Project:
Students experience a day at the flea market in other target cities. Following the flea market experience, students describe a purchase they made a culinary delight they encountered, and share a song they learned in the target culture.
Instructional Strategies:  

Internet Research:
Students visit prospective cities of the target culture to discover climate, currency rates, products available, current events, lodging, restaurants, festivals, etc.
Graphic Organizer:
Students use a graphic organizer to arrange and analyze information gathered about the chosen target city.
Cooperative Learning:
Students work in groups to create a flea market in the target city and provide other students with a flea market “experience.”

Resources: Textbook
Library resources
Other Resources: Music
Actual currency
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