I’ve Got a Life Too!

Thematic Unit Title:  

I’ve Got A Life Too!

Subject: Leisure Activities
Goals: 1. Communicate in Languages Other than English
2. Gain knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures
3. Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information
Standards: 1.1 Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
2.1 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the perspectives and practices of cultures studied and use this knowledge to interact effectively in cultural contexts.
3.2 Students acquire information and perspectives through authentic materials in the foreign languages and within the cultures.
Contexts\Outcomes: Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, exchange opinions and acquire information and perspectives about typical leisure activities through authentic materials in the target language and within the target culture.
Progress Indicators Goal 1:
Progress Indicators Goal 2:  

1.1D Express likes and dislikes.
Qualify likes and dislikes.
1.1E Express agreement and disagreement.
Support opinions.
Describe a problem.
Make suggestions and recommendations.
Express individual perspectives and defend opinions.
1.1F Respond to one-on-one interactions.
Exchange information with peers and others.
1.1G Ask and answer simple questions.
Provide and request clarification.
Use different ways to express the same idea (circumlocution).
2.1A Identify and react to cultural perspectives and practices in the culture studied.
Describe and analyze cultural characteristics and behaviors of everyday life.
Identify differences in cultural practices among same-language cultures.

Progress Indicators Goal 3:  

3.2A Extract information from sources intended for native speakers of the language.

Progress Indicators Goal 4:
Progress Indicators Goal 5:
Essential Skills\Knowledge:  

Topic specific vocabulary (movies, music, other leisure activities)
Verbs of preference (past, present, future tenses)
Use of adjectives (comparative in order to critique and express opinions)
Cultural knowledge about leisure time in the target culture

Assessments: Quizzes:
Written Project:
Students keep a journal of leisure activities.
Students graph information gathered through a survey.
Students write letters to a prospective exchange student including pertinent information about family, school, activities, etc.
Oral Presentation:
Student groups create a skit “What To Do In Your Free Time” meeting rubric criteria.
Instructional Strategies:  

Each student writes a haiku or concrete poem about leisure activities.
Pair Activities:
Students work in pairs to conduct Internet research to obtain cultural background information and authentic materials about leisure activities in the target culture.
Students work in pairs to create a hieroglyphic calendar.
Cooperative Learning:
Students work in groups to compare and contrast Internet information from the target culture, debate, discuss, and reach a consensus about leisure activities in the target culture.
Students work in groups to compile and chart the results of the survey.

Resources: Textbook
Library resources
Other Resources: Music
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