World Language Help Wanted

Help Wanted? Looking for a World Language Teacher?

NDE World Language Specialist, Stephanie Call, is able to assist you in locating your next world language teacher.

Option 1: J1 Visiting Teacher Program

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) is a designated sponsor of an Exchange Visitor Program by the United States Department of State. Throughout this designation, NDE is able to sponsor teachers from other countries to teach in Nebraska. NDE currently holds Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreements with Spain, Mexico and China. Highly qualified visiting teachers from Spain, Mexico and China teach in Nebraska elementary, middle and high schools. The program length is three (3) years with the possible extension to five (5) years. If interested, DO THE FOLLOWING:
1. Go to this website:
2. Read the information provided.
3. Complete the google form found on the above webpage under “Step One Indicate Intent.”

Option 2: Aggressive Recruiting

Recently, I surveyed colleges and universities around the country to find what schools offered World Language learning opportunities. I have a list of institutions that show which languages they offer for world language teacher certification. I have signed into their job posting service. If you have a job posting, please send it to the Teach in Nebraska website and to me. I would be happy to post it nationally for you. It is more and more common for people to be willing to move across state lines for work.

Option 3: Outside the Box

If you situation requires a special fix, please give me a call. I am willing to help brainstorm ideas that might fit your particular needs.


Please contact Stephanie Call at or 402-471-4331, if you have questions.

Updated October 22, 2019 10:46am