Nebraska Higher Education and the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy

Institutes of higher education are encouraged to recognize the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy. Students who have attained the Seal are prepared for higher levels of language study, Bilingual students offer stronger communication skills, often exhibit a greater tendency to participate in activities, and have already shown commitment to academic study.  Institutes of higher education can recognize the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy by identifying and recruiting Seal recipients, offering credit advancement and advanced programming, and referencing the Seal in their course programming and descriptions.

Identifying and Recruiting Seal Recipients

Press releases of Seal recipients will be available after each biannual Seal award process. Schools may contact the Nebraska Department of Education World Language specialist for more detailed information.

Credit Advancement and Advanced Programming

Higher education institutions may choose to recognize the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy in student placement. The minimum level of students who qualify for the silver Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy is Intermediate Mid. Recipients of the gold Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy have attained Intermediate High. For the purposes of admissions, all qualifying scores have been determined by the national Seal of Biliteracy organization to be equitable.

Equitable Scores Indicating Language Proficiency

Proficiency Level AAPPL Assessment ALIRA Assessment (Latin only) Advanced Placement Assessment International Baccalaureate B Assessment STAMP 4S Assessment
Silver (Intermediate Mid) 3 3 3 4 5
Gold (Intermediate High or higher) 4 4 4 5 6


Updated July 10, 2020 1:09pm