If you Wear Out Your Body, Where Will You Live?





Thematic Scenario: If You Wear Out Your Body, Where Will You Live?
Contexts\Outcomes: Students recognize the importance of health and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle in target culture (healthy eating, exercise, rest, and relaxation).
Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures: Compare and contrast techniques
Research techniques
Internet skills
Cultural information
Values system
Health information
Strategies: Pair Activities:
Students design a healthy food plan based on target culture nutritional norms.
Students measure height and weight and convert into the measurement system of culture.
Students share do’s and don’ts for a healthy lifestyle in chosen culture.
Students compare/contrast personal health habits with selected cultures.
Graphic Organizers:
Students categorize and analyze present habits of food intake, exercise, and sleep time.
Students use a Venn diagram to analyze responses to surveys of peers on health habits.
Cooperative Learning:
Students compare practices of traditional folkways and contemporary sciences in selected cultures.
Students design health surveys and analyze results.
Students plan and make an exercise video reflecting target culture.
Web Search:
Students research health habits of other cultures.
Students interview individuals from target cultures about diet, exercise and sleep patterns.
Oral Presentation:
Students present their research on healthy lifestyles in other cultures.
Assessments: Written Project:
Students write an analysis of survey results meeting specified criteria.
Students create a visual ad promoting a healthy lifestyle meeting checklist criteria.
Student groups create a brochure/poster promoting health, meeting rubric criteria and incorporating relevant cultural aspects. Student groups use the brochure/poster as a visual cue for an oral class presentation.
Students write and perform an exercise video meeting rubric criteria.
Students give a written or oral presentation of their research on healthy lifestyles in other cultures, meeting rubric criteria.
Resources: Internet
Library resources
Library research
Realia (ads, magazines, etc.)
Guest Speakers
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