If I Were You…

Subject: School Cultures
Thematic Scenario: If I Were You . . .
Contexts\Outcomes: Students obtain information about school cultures in the target countries.
Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures: School environment in target countries (courses, schedules, calendar, class size, food, transportation, etc.)
Cultural background of school environment.
Relevant student topics such as social experiences, dress codes, likes/dislikes, and activities (sports, music, art, drama, speech, band, yearbook, dances, etc.).
Strategies: Internet:
Students search the internet to obtain information about target school cultures in selected countries..
Students exchange e-mail with students from the target countries comparing school experiences.
Cooperative Learning:
Class discussion comparing, contrasting, and analyzing target countries’ school environment with their own.
Student groups portray school experiences from the target countries.
Assessments: Written Projects:
Students use a graphic organizer, comparing school experiences from target countries with their own.
Oral Presentation:
Student groups portray school experiences from the target countries, meeting rubric criteria.
Resources: Internet
Library resources
Community resources
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