Summer Reading Opportunities

The Nebraska Reading Improvement Act requires that summer reading programs are to be made available by schools for any student in grade 1-3 who has been identified as continuing to have a reading difficulty. Such programs may be community-based (not affiliated with the school) or offered online.

NebraskaREADS: Summer Reading Adventure

NebraskaREADS: Summer Reading Adventure

Dear Literacy Friends,

Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of reading and learning with NebraskaREADS Summer Reading Adventure! This packet includes a treasure trove of carefully crafted early literacy resources to make learning fun and rewarding for students and families. From exciting books to literacy activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! This packet is for kindergarten to third-grade students who may benefit from extra support in reading or have an Individualized Reading Improvement Plan (IRIP). Our goal is to make learning an enjoyable adventure for every student!

NebraskaREADS Summer Reading Adventure

Check out the Family Resources tab for more information on reading resources.

Updated May 7, 2024 10:04am