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Welcome back to the 2020-21 school year! Nebraska Human Sciences and Education is proud to release professional development opportunities and resources to support Family and Consumer Sciences educators. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic supporting educators with in-person, remote or blended learning formats, Nebraska CTE is here to support with standards-aligned resources for FCS educators.  In addition, Nebraska Career and Technical Education (CTE) is moving into implementation with Perkins V legislation and our Nebraska CTE State Plan.

Family and Consumer Sciences educators are encouraged to be involved with the process by attending professional development workshops, connecting with peers and implementing Nebraska Family and Consumer Sciences State Standards (approved by the State Board of Education in 2016). Make plans to connect virtually this fall to receive professional learning for FCS teachers. Sessions will not be held during the school day.  These will be opportunities to receive incredibly valuable resources, updates and information during the workshops.  For addition information, please email Kristin Vest, HSE Career Field Specialist at kristin.vest@nebraska.gov

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing extended school closure, NDE has offered weekly FCS teacher E-Learning Webinars and Discussions regarding resources, best practices for teaching and learning in a virtual environment and social/emotional support to FCS teachers.

FCS E-Learning Resources which are approved by NDE

Additional E-Learning Resources for parents, teachers and students.

Every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. CST, weekly FCS teacher webinars have been hosted and
recordings are made available here. WEBINARS

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Thank you for your investment in FACS in Nebraska!

Framing Family and Consumer Sciences within the Context of Career Pathways

The Framework for Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) in Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides a tool for developing high-quality FCS programs of study. It is designed to help local and state CTE administrators leverage their FCS programs to support students preparation for high-skill, high-wage, and/or in-demand careers and meet local economic and workforce demands for talent. FCS educators can also use the Framework to support their work program and instructional planning to enhance the relevancy of their FCS programs.

Career Pathways and Clusters

The career pathways and clusters suggested in the Framework were identified through a national survey of FCS State Administrators about which clusters and pathways were supported through their CTE state leadership initiatives. Courses aligned to these pathways can facilitate CTE concentrators in programs of study that meet workforce and economic needs. CTE administrators should use local, regional, and state workforce demand data to guide decisions about which FCS programs can be leveraged to meet both student interest and workforce demand. But as you can see within the Framework, the opportunities to leverage FCS can be tailored to a CTE program’s needs. Consider the below examples:

Economy with a strong presence of… Can leverages FCS programs of study in…
Agriculture, commodity farming and distribution, and/or food production Food & Nutrition Sciences & Technology
Manufacturing, product development, and retailing of apparel and textile products Apparel & Textile Merchandising & Production
Human services, social services, government program administration, community development Family & Community Services
Counseling & Mental Health Services
Personal Finance & Consumer Services
Architecture, construction, and commercial/residential development Interior Design/Pre-Construction
Schools, youth development, educational programs, colleges/universities, child care centers, and training centers Teaching & Training
Early Childhood Development & Services

Employability Skills

FCS teachers may also train students in employability skills through courses foundational to multiple pathways both within and outside of the FCS pathways and career fields included in the Framework if need is validated by business and industry. FCS teachers are specifically, and unique among other CTE teachers in teaching such employability skills as outlined on the Perkins Collaborative Research Network as interpersonal skills, communication skills, personal qualities, and resource management.

FCCLA: The Ultimate Leadership Experience

The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) serves as the Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for Family & Consumer Sciences Education, providing teachers and students with valuable experiences to develop and refine skills in Hospitality & Tourism, Visual Arts & Design, Education & Training, and Human Services. FCCLA provides opportunities for students to develop leadership and employability skills that enhance students’ understanding of community, work, family, and their interrelationships.

Family and Consumer Sciences: A field of study

Central to the Framework is the FCS body of knowledge- an interdisciplinary field that explores basic human needs, individual well-being, family strengths, community vitality, and their interrelationships. Cutting across these core concepts are themes of capacity building, global interdependence, resource development and sustainability, technology, and wellness.
The FCS body of knowledge provides the theoretical foundation, serving as a springboard from which FCS teachers and professionals can build FCS programs of study, facilitating student exploration of and advancement in specific career pathways. High-quality FCS programs do this through:

    • Rigorous and relevant classroom instruction aligned to skills demanded by the workforce
    • Engaging work-based learning experiences
    • Embedding national programs and competitive events of FCCLA
    • Facilitating industry-recognized credentials and attainment of post-secondary credit

A Framework for Leveraging Family and Consumer Sciences in CTE

A Framework for Leveraging Family and Consumer Sciences in CTE pdf

Framing Family and Consumer Sciences within the Context of Career Pathways

Framing Family and Consumer Sciences within the Context of Career Pathways webinar

FACS Teacher Culinary Workshops

In conjunction with the Nebraska Restaurant Association and Nebraska ProStart, we are proud to offer several opportunities for Family and Consumer Sciences Educators to develop their culinary skills. Professional development opportunities vary annually. If you are interested in bringing ProStart to your Family and Consumer Sciences classroom to provide technical skill instruction and career readiness skills to your Culinary Arts classroom, please contact Fayrene Hamouz, Education Director for the Nebraska Restaurant Association at neprostart@windstream.net

Please see the below document for links and additional information:

ProStart Video

FCCLA Meetings and Events

Chelsey Greene, State Adviser


Fall Leadership Workshop

September 19 20, 2021 | Kearney, NE

Peer Ed Retreat:

February 27 -28, 2022 | Kearney, NE

State Leadership Conference:

April 12 – 13, 2021 | Virtual

State Officer Leadership Academy (SOLA)

June 2 – 3, 2021

National Leadership Conference:

June 27 – July 2, 2021 | Nashville, TN


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