Biotechnology Research and Development

Career Pathways and Specialty Examples

Workers study diseases to discover new treatments or invent medical devices used to directly assist patients or to improve the accuracy of diagnostic test.

Bioinformatics Associate
Bioinformatics Scientist
Bioinformatics Specialist
Biomedical Chemist
Biomedical/Clinical Engineer
Biomedical/Clinical Technician
Cell Biologist
Clinical Data Management Associate/Consultant
Clinical Pharmacologist
Clinical Trials Monitor
Clinical Trials Research Associate
Clinical Trials Research Coordinator
Laboratory Assistant-Genetics
Laboratory Technician
Medical Editor/Writer
Molecular Biologist
Pharmaceutical/Clinical Project Manager
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Pharmaceutical Scientist
Product Safety Associate/Scientist
Process Development Associate/Scientist
Processing Technician
Quality Assurance Technician
Quality Control Technician
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Research Assistant
Research Scientist

For a printable list from the National Consortium for Health Science Education, click here:
Health Science Career Specialties Chart.

UNMC’s Careers in Health Care book. Updated in 2022, this book contains a wealth of information for today’s students.

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