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The following list of eBooks were created by agency partners, teachers, and students. We hope you enjoy all of the work that they have put into each eBook. If you are interested in creating your own eBook to add to this library, please check out the NeBooks Overview for more information.

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Agency Partner Authors – Book Titles and Downloadable files

Homestead National Monument
Homestead National Monument of America lets readers explore many interactive pages of in-depth explanations of homesteading, how it impacts people all over the world, and what you will find when visiting Homestead National Monument. Follow the links to see a list of current events, hours of operation, trail conditions in the tall grass prairie fields and special displays.  For more information, go to or search the app store on your iPad.

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Native Daughters
Native Daughters includes healers and warriors, story tellers and law makers, leaders, environmentalists and artists. The curriculum companion includes classroom activities, resources and handouts. Watch the movies, listen to their stories, and complete interactive guide that accompanies the Native Daughters’ Magazine. This iBook needs to be on every educator’s shelf. Written by Nebraska educators.

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Nebraska and The Civil War
No description

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Nebraska Corn Board Fact book
No description

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Reaching the Age of Majority
This booklet outlines the rights and responsibilities of youth as they become adults.  Legal professionals have volunteered to research and write these materials.  Topics include alcohol; contracts; crime victims; health and human services; insurance; internet safety; landlord tenant law; parties; sex crimes; fireworks, etc.
A generous gift from Virginia Schmid, widow of past Foundation President Marvin Schmid, has made the production of this book possible.  Find more information at

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Standing Bear’s Footsteps: The Meaning of Home
No Description

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The Power of Role Models
Meet Native American role models which include environmentalists, radiologists, nurses, doctors, teachers, dentist, agricultural managers, firefighter, astronaut, marine biologist, laboratory technicians, physicists and more. Read and view videos about their chosen field, college of study, tribal affiliation and their home town.  Included are teaching points.  Developed from the University of Nebraska Medical Center SEPA project Role Models in Your Community poster sets.

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