2016 School Health Profiles

Since 1996, the School Health Profiles survey has been conducted biennially (during the even-numbered years) by state, territorial, and local education and health agencies with technical assistance from the CDC.  Using two different surveys,  principals and lead health educators  are asked about health education, physical education, asthma management, school policies related to HIV/AIDS, tobacco use prevention, intentional injuries and violence, food services, and family and community involvement in school health programs.  Nebraska has participated in the Profiles survey each year it has been offered and all data has been weighted.


2016 School Health Profiles Results

2016NE Chronic Performance Measures

2016NE DASH Performance Measures

2016 NE Principal and Teacher Combined Codebook

2016NE Principal and Teacher Combined Sample Description

2016NE Principal Charts

2016NE Principal Codebook

2016NE Principal Sample Description

2016NE Principal Tables

2016NE Survey Summary

2016NE Teacher Charts

2016NE Teacher Codebook

2016NE Teacher Sample Description

2016NE Teacher Tables

2016NE Trend Report


For more information, please contact: Chris Junker at chris.junker@nebraska.gov, 402-463-5611 or visit https://www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth/data/profiles/results.htm

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