Standards Instructional Tool (SIT)

Welcome to the Nebraska Department of Education’s Standards Instructional Tool

This site was designed with Nebraska’s classroom teachers in mind.  The development of the Nebraska Standards Instructional Tool followed the same process used in the academic standards and assessment development; relying on the expertise of classroom educators in Nebraska.  Groups of teachers worked together alongside Department personnel to identify the Nebraska Language Arts and Mathematics standards most in need of additional resources.  These resources may include:

  • A glossary of key words
  • Further definitions/explanations of the indicators when warranted
  • Classroom instructional resources (sample exercises, activities, web links, videos, etc.) that can be used and adapted to fit the needs of a particular teacher or to more closely align to a local school or district’s curriculum.

How to Use the Tool

Begin by selecting which content area and grade level(s) you wish to use.  Click on the appropriate boxes and hit the search button.  Once into the site click on the (+) button(s) to access the indicators and resources. (Please remember this site is “under construction”. Additional resources will be added throughout the coming months.) 

Disclaimer: This website contains links to sites which are not maintained by or under the control of the State of Nebraska.  NDE has attempted to post sites that will be helpful but this should not be construed as an endorsement. Some of the sites may charge for use of resources.  The Department of Education is not responsible for the charges – please be sure to check prior to their use.  If you choose to access these resources you will be responsible for the charges incurred.

Click here to begin using the tool: Standards Instructional Tool (SIT)


Updated October 11, 2017 1:09pm