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Network, Education and Technology Team (NEaT)

The Network, Education Technology Services Team provides leadership and support for the introduction and integration of technology and innovation into Nebraska elementary and secondary schools in order to provide quality education and equal opportunity for Nebraska learners. The Network, Education Technology Services Team provides grants for model educational technology projects to Nebraska schools and educational service units. Grant awards are given to schools or educational service units for projects which have the greatest potential to enhance the quality of instruction in Nebraska schools or to broaden the educational opportunities for Nebraska learners.
Nebraska statutory authority: Sections 79-1302, 79-1303, 79-1304, 79-1305, 79-1306, 79-1307 and 79-1310.

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Goals, Objective, and Duties:

  • To provide clearinghouse services for information concerning current technology projects as well as software and hardware development

  • To serve as a demonstration site for state-of-the-art hardware appropriate to an educational setting

  • To provide technical assistance to educators in working with hardware and software

  • To provide in-service and pre-service training for educators, in conjunction with other public and private educational entities, in the use of computers, telecommunications, and other electronic technologies appropriate to an educational setting

  • To sponsor activities which promote the use of technology in the classroom

  • To serve as a liaison between business and education interests in technology communication

  • To experiment with various applications or technology in education

  • To assist schools in planning for and selecting appropriate technologies

  • To design, implement, and evaluate pilot projects to assess the usefulness of technologies in school management, curriculum, instruction, and learning

  • To seek partnerships with the Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission, the University of Nebraska, the state colleges, educational service units, the Nebraska Library Commission, and other public and private entities in order to make effective use of limited resources

  • To encourage sharing among school districts to deliver cost-efficient and effective distance learning

  • To establish an electronic data network and access to appropriate data bases for learners and educators through purchase of necessary hardware, software, and licenses for national data bases. The center shall provide assistance to schools for training communication costs and, through work with Nebraska educators and learners, shall develop state-level data bases

  • To identify, evaluate, and disseminate information on school projects which have the potential to enhance the quality of instruction or learning.