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NDE Nebraska History E-Content Initiative

  The Nebraska Department of Education is launching an innitiative to partner with students and Professional Educators accross the state to develop electronic resources. The focus of this initiative will be Nebraska History. All finished content will be posted to the Nebraska Department of Education iTunes U site where any educator can utilize the lessons for FREE.

 Content Focus:

   Nebraska History in four topics: People, Places, Events, Economics

 Content Requirement:

    A short 5-10 min video on the topic (quicktime format) or audio based story of an event by local person

Supporting Activity (.pdf based interactive worksheet)    
Assessment (.pdf based interactive worksheet)    
Teachers guide (.pdf)


 Project Contacts:     

Brent Gaswick     
Technology Integration Specialist     

Larry Starr    
Social Studies Specialist    


 Project Trainings:

    A key part of this initiative is the creation of interactive worksheets. We will be scheduling a series of staff development opportunities to learn how to create these interactive worksheets. Please check back here if you would like to attend one.