Shop ‘Til You Drop

Thematic Unit Title:  

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Subject: Shopping
Goals: 1. Communicate in Languages Other than English
2. Gain knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures
3. Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information
Standards: 1.1 Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
2.2 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the perspectives and products/contributions of the cultures studied.
3.2 Students acquire information and perspectives through authentic materials in the foreign languages and within the cultures.
Contexts\Outcomes: Students engage in conversations and obtain information about merchandise in target culture, demonstrate an understanding of shopping for products of the target culture, and acquire information and perspectives through authentic materials in the target culture.
Progress Indicators Goal 1:
Progress Indicators Goal 2:  

1.1A Express basic needs.
Elaborate on needs.
Interact in basic survival situations.
1.1D Express likes and dislikes.
Qualify likes and dislikes.
2.2D Identify objects, images and symbols of the target culture.
Explain objects, images, and symbols of the target culture.
2.2F Identify the products of the target country/countries.

Progress Indicators Goal 3:  

3.2A Extract information from sources intended for native speakers of the language.
3.2B Use authentic sources to identify the perspectives of the target cultures.
Use authentic sources to analyze the perspectives of the target cultures.

Progress Indicators Goal 4:
Progress Indicators Goal 5:
Essential Skills\Knowledge:  

Topic specific vocabulary (courtesies, likes/dislikes, basic needs)
Cultural knowledge of products and shop symbols in the target culture
Read and interpret authentic advertising from the target culture

Assessments: Quizzes:
Mathematical conversions
Written Project:
Student pairs create an ad for a product in the target culture.
Oral Presentation:
Student groups plan and perform a skit representing vendor/client roles meeting rubric criteria.
Instructional Strategies:  

Internet Search:
Students search the Internet for target culture shop examples and the relevant information needed for shopping and participating in target culture shopping experiences.
Pair Activities:
Students work in pairs to create a TV ad by watching authentic TV commercials.
Graphic Organizer:
Students chart prices from the U.S. and the target country to compare, contrast, and analyze in a class discussion.
Cooperative Learning:
Student groups develop poster ads for a product from the target country.
Student groups plan and perform a vendor/client skit portraying shopping experiences characteristic of the target culture.

Resources: Textbook
Library resources
Other Resources: Camera
Art Supplies
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