World Language Standards Implementation Resources Stage Two

Stage Two: Initial Implementation

During Initial Implementation, the focus is on analyzing content area standards at a deeper level and developing resources to support implementation. At this stage, schools establish an infrastructure to support the implementation of the content area standards. This includes practices and policies designed to support student learning as reflected in the revised standards. During this stage, a needs assessment may be conducted to determine the additional supports (e.g. time, resources, materials, training, etc.) needed for successful implementation.

Key actions in Stage Two Initial Implementation are:

    • Share with all stakeholders the establish proficiency goal.
    • Develop specific plans to address the areas of need in curriculum, materials, instruction, and professional development.
    • Create collaboration opportunities to develop curriculum, materials, and professional development opportunities for the world language program.
    • Create an ongoing system to communicate progress in implementing the standards.
    • Create an ongoing system to check progress and direct development.
Updated December 6, 2019 2:09pm