You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby



Thematic Scenario: You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
Contexts\Outcomes: Students explore childhood activities and preferences from various cultures.
Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures: Cultural aspects of raising children in selected country.
Typical childhood activities/games played in selected country.
Impact of cultural practices on childhood preferences in selected country.
Strategies: Individual:
Each student participates in “show and tell.” (favorite toy, book, etc.) compared to childhood favorites in selected country.
Types of baby pictures taken in various cultures.
Pair Activities:
Students work in pairs to survey favorite toys, books, activities of classmates and children from other cultures..
Students work in pairs to compare/contrast various cultural childhood likes/dislikes and share findings with class.
Cooperative Learning:
Student groups compare and contrast “then” and “now.”
Students work in groups to compile and chart the results of the survey.
Assessments: Written Project:
Each student writes a letter to a prospective exchange student about his/her childhood and preferences that meets specified rubric criteria.
Oral Presentations:
Students can work individually or in groups to write a rap, nursery rhyme, or show ‘n tell to meet specified rubric criteria.
Resources: Internet resources/research/connections
Social networking
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