You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby



Thematic Scenario:

You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby


Students explore childhood activities and preferences from various cultures.

Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures:

Cultural aspects of raising children in selected country.
Typical childhood activities/games played in selected country.
Impact of cultural practices on childhood preferences in selected country.


Each student participates in “show and tell.” (favorite toy, book, etc.) compared to childhood favorites in selected country.
Types of baby pictures taken in various cultures.
Pair Activities:
Students work in pairs to survey favorite toys, books, activities of classmates and children from other cultures.. 
Students work in pairs to compare/contrast various cultural childhood likes/dislikes and share findings with class.
Cooperative Learning:
Student groups compare and contrast “then” and “now.”
Students work in groups to compile and chart the results of the survey.


Written Project:
Each student writes a letter to a prospective exchange student about his/her childhood and preferences that meets specified rubric criteria.
Oral Presentations:
Students can work individually or in groups to write a rap, nursery rhyme, or show ‘n tell to meet specified rubric criteria.


Internet resources/research/connections
Social networking

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