What’s Up, Doc?


Health Care

Thematic Scenario: What’s Up, Doc?
Contexts\Outcomes: Students explore health care in other countries.
Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures: Type of health care systems available in selected country.
Knowledge of cultural medical practices.
Prevalent health issues in selected country.
Health insurance availability.
Strategies: Pair or Group Activities:
Student pairs compare and contrast health care system of selected country with USA.
Student pairs compare health issues of of selected country with USA.
Cooperative Learning:
Students explore cultural medical practices specific to selected country
Student groups make an exercise video specific to the culture of selected country
Compare and Contrast:
Students explore medical research conducted in selected country
Students compare health insurance of selected country with several other countries
Assessments: Graphic Organizers:
Compare and contrast various issues.
Written Project:
Students select project from strategies mentioned above for written report.
Oral Presentations:
Student groups make an exercise video meeting checklist criteria.
Students give presentation explaining cultural medical practices from selected country.
Resources: Internet resources/research
Library resources/research
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