Play Ball!



Thematic Scenario:

Play Ball!


Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the perspectives and practices of sports in target countries.

Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures:

Knowledge and understanding of sports and their cultural impact in target countries.
Knowledge of various sports terminologies in target countries.
General knowledge of cultural diversity in sports.
Knowledge of famous sports figures from target countries.


Internet Searches:
Students research, write and present a report on sports figures from the target culture.
Individual Activities:
Students use an authentic newspaper from the target country, or search the internet, to locate sport articles.
Pair Activities:
Student pairs survey school student body about favorite sports activities and compare with favorite sports in the target country.
Student pairs create a collage of sports activities.
Cooperative Learning:
Students teach a new sport from the target country to classmates.
Students discuss differences/similarities between sports in the U.S. and sports in the target countries.
Students plan and create a multimedia sports project reflecting a popular sport in a target country.


Students write a report on sports figures from the target culture and present it to the class, meeting rubric criteria.
Students use a graphic organizer to compare, contrast, and analyze student survey information, meeting specified criteria. 
Students groups plan and create a multimedia sports project, meeting specific portfolio criteria.
Students create a collage of sports activities, meeting specific criteria.
Oral Presentations:
Students present survey information about target country sports activities, meeting specific criteria.
Students groups plan and perform a sports skit, meeting specific rubric criteria.


Internet resources
Library research/resources
Guest speakers

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