Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!



Thematic Scenario: Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!
Contexts\Outcomes: Students recognize the interdependence of the animals with the culture studied and in the world.
Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures: Topic specific vocabulary
Needed Internet use skills
Historical background information
Geographical background information
Research techniques
Comparison techniques
Strategies: Internet:
Students search the Internet to obtain information about an animal from the target culture including characteristics, food, habitats, endangerment, etc.
Students create an animal mime.
Students compose an animal song.
Students write a report on an animal from the target culture.
Cooperative Learning:
Students work in groups to analyze a public service ad on saving an endangered animal from the target culture.
Student groups plan a “Hunter In Pursuit” skit.
Assessments: Oral Presentations:
Students create an animal mime for classmates to guess.
Students compose and perform a song about an animal.
Students plan and present a “Hunter In Pursuit” skit.
Written Project:
Students write a report about an animal from the selected culture.
Resources: Internet
Library resources
Target culture government publications
Field trips to the zoo and/or wild safari
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