Dual Language Immersion in Nebraska

Dual Language Programs

  • Increase language skill and proficiency in two languages, no matter the student’s first language.
  • Build cognitive flexibility, increased attention and memory, and superior problem-solving skills.
  • Increase performance on standardized tests in English.
  • Generate more positive attitudes towards other cultures.
  • Have higher attendance rates and fewer drop outs.

Instructional Characteristics

  • Minimum 50% of instruction for all content areas in the target language
  • Minimum 6 year duration
  • Language arts in both languages

Dual Language Schools in Nebraska

  • Aventuras Preschool
  • Fremont Public Schools
    • Washington Elementary School
  • Lexington Public Schools
    • Bryan Elementary School
  • Omaha Catholic School Consortium
    • Dual Language Academy Elementary School
  • Omaha Public Schools
    • Beveridge Middle School
    • Castelar Elementary School
    • Crestridge Elementary School
    • Gomez Elementary School
    • Jackson Elementary School
    • Liberty Elementary School
    • Marrs Middle School
    • Norris Middle School
    • Omaha South Magnet High School
    • Spring Lake Elementary School


Nebraska Department of Education, Teaching and Learning, World Language Program, 2019. Created with contributions by Katy Cattlett, Supervisor of Dual Language Immersion and World Languages, Omaha Public Schools.

Updated June 12, 2019 11:39am