Nebraska Research

2010 Nebraska School Counseling State Evaluation

School Counseling Does Make a Difference!

A statewide evaluation of Nebraska School Counseling programs was recently conducted by the Center for School Counseling Outcome Research University of Massachusetts Amherst to answer the following questions:

  1. Do school counseling programs in Nebraska high schools contribute significantly to students’ educational outcomes?

  2. What aspects of school practice contribute the most to students’ educational outcomes?

  3. Based upon these results, how might school counseling practice in Nebraska be improved?

Videos about Nebraska School Counseling

Crete Video Westside Video Lincoln East Video

Counselor-Student Relationships (Crete)

Counselor-Administrator Partnership (Westside)

Advantages of Having a School Counseling Program (Lincoln East)

Career Readiness and Parental Involvement (Westside)

School Counseling Advocacy Publications for Parents and All Stakeholders

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School Counseling Data Publications for Counselors, Administrators and School Boards

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School Counseling Advocacy for Legislators

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Research Brief,
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2002 Nebraska School Counselor Survey

A survey was completed by 400+ Nebraska School Counselors in May of 2002. The data is available by ESU, Statewide and Statewide minus Lincoln and Omaha. Select the ESU data that you wish to view by clicking on the map below.

ESU 16

State survey

ESU 13 ESU 17 ESU 14 ESU 16 ESU 15 ESU 11 ESU 10 ESU 9 ESU 5 ESU 8 ESU 1 ESU 7 ESU 6 ESU 18 ESU 18 ESU 4 ESU 3 ESU 2 ESU 19