Nebraska School Safety Training

Basic Threat Assessment training:

This K-12 school team training will help your school form or enhance the team that will focus on identifying, assessing, and managing the risk/threat of targeted violence posed by students, staff, and community members toward the school community.

Schools are encouraged to participate with a team of at least five members (e.g., administrators, faculty/staff, security or law enforcement partner, and mental health partner.)

The objectives for the two-day training include:

  • Distinguish between credible threats and non-credible threats
  • Identify and use the principles of threat assessment in school settings
  • Demonstrate effective strategies for assessing levels of concern
  • Formulate strategies for monitoring and managing risk
  • Describe effective threat assessment protocols appropriate for school settings
  • Apply principles of threat assessment and management to case examples

Two-day training:  Free

Advanced Threat Assessment: Communication

Prerequisite: Basic Threat Assessment training

This K-12 school training will focus on risk communication principles in situations that are high concern/low trust, sensitive, or controversial. Risk communication skills are a necessity in dealing with journalists and other stakeholders in a threatening situation.

Determine the message:

  • What, when to message, how much to communicate when a threat has been made
  • Identify communication techniques to de-escalate threat situations
  • Apply principles of communication toward threat situations

One-day training:  Free

Advanced Threat Assessment: Intervention and Threat Management

Prerequisite: Basic Threat Assessment training

During this one-day training, participants will explore practical threat management strategies for use in school settings. Different interventions will be discussed that are appropriate for use with students or adults/staff.

Effective interventions are built on good information and feedback that can be difficult to obtain due to privacy or legal barriers. Training will include strategies for addressing these barriers.

Participants will enhance their ability to obtain good information via interactions with subjects, witnesses, and targets by enhanced elicitation skill building activities.

One-day training: Free

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Standard Response Protocol:

This training is provided at no cost to your school district.  A certified Standard Response Protocol trainer will guide you through the standard procedures to teach your school staff and students. The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) training is based not on individual scenarios but on the response to any given situation.

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