New Web Resources

Resources recently brought to our attention:

Google: Be internet Awesome|

Educates students and children to make most of the internet while staying safe. They share a variety of free resources for parents as well as critical information in regards to digital citizenship.  It is also an interactive tool that helps students complete activities to practice being safe on the internet.  Great resource for families, educators, and students.

inspired: partnership with Yale University and Facebook|

Has free resources, designed by teens, educators, and SEL experts. It inspires students to work together to create more positive school climates and foster greater well-being in schools and communities.

ReThink: Shark Tank:

Free resources featured on Shark Tank, It is an application that students can put on their phone/tablets and helps them think twice before engaging in bullying behavior. From psychological point of view, it helps with impulse control, allowing students to engage in de-escalation activities before engaging in cyberbullying. It is a free resources for students and schools.

SEL resource finder: Shelley Hymel |

A free database that helps educators find resources to improve school climate through social emotional learning. It is based on a data-driven process. Learning, Application, and Assessment.

Updated January 13, 2020 3:06pm