Bullying Resources for Students

This page features resources for students, including The Trevor Project for LGBTQ+ students in crisis, Cyberbullying Research Center, Headspace for mindfulness, PACER Kids Against Bullying, and PACER Teens Against Bullying for elementary and older school students to learn about preventing bullying.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is an online resource for any student but is geared towards students who identify as LGBTQ+. This website is a lifeline resource for a young person who is in crisis, feeling suicidal, or in need of a safe and judgment-free place to talk. Visit the website or call (1-866-488-7386).

CyberBullying Research Center

The Cyberbullying Research Center is a website that provides information and resources on cyberbullying and other online issues affecting adolescents. Cyberbullying is the intentional and repeated use of electronic devices to harm others. The website is based on over fifteen years of research by Dr. Sameer Hinduja and Dr. Justin W. Patchin, experts in cyberbullying. The website aims to help parents, educators, professionals, and youth understand and prevent cyberbullying.

Head Space

Head Space is a free website and application to help teach students mindfulness. According to stopbullying.gov “Many schools are seeing the benefits of teaching mindfulness – or the skill to become aware of thoughts, emotions, and behavior – to children. Mindfulness is usually goal-oriented and guided by teachers. Mindfulness can be a useful skill to students who may be inclined to act out or who have been bullied in the past, where they can identify escalating feelings before acting on them. Public health agencies can offer resources on mindfulness to children and families” (Stopbullying.gov)

​Pacers Center

PACER Center helps families with disabilities.  They offer workshops, materials, and support to promote a safe environment and advocate for free and appropriate public education for all children.

Pacer Kids

PACER Kids Against Bullying is an interactive and educational website that provides innovative ways for elementary school students to learn about preventing bullying. The website offers engaging activities and inspires students to take action against bullying. Cyberbullying: What Kids Need to Know (pacer.org)

Pacer Teens

For over a decade now, PACER’s NBPC has been at the forefront of driving social change to prevent childhood bullying. The organization strives to ensure that all young people feel safe and supported in their schools, communities, and online.

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